How to personalize your Ranch Rump
with your horse's hair:

1. Let me know that you will be sending a lock of hair
from your horse.  You can do this by adding a note in
the "Special Markings" or "Additional Information"
box on the order form, or by sending an  
email  to us
after you place your order.

2. Collect a lock of hair from your horse.  Either
mane or tail hair is fine - I need an 8 inch long
section that is about the diameter of a pencil.   Before
you cut the hair, secure a piece of tape around the
hair that you intend to take.  This keeps the hair
from turning into a tangled mess in the mail.  Don't
worry about washing it - I clean all of the hair before
using it.  I recommend taking the hair from the
underside of the tail so no one will  notice that you
cut it!

3. Mail it!  Our address is:

     Lazy Double M Ranch
     5330 147th Ave SE
     Snohomish, WA 98290